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Report Writing

A report is a piece of writing that aims at informing and sometimes even persuading. Reports are written in a clear and succinctly way for a particular audience, and for a particular purpose. Specific information and evidence relating to a particular issue have to be presented and then analysed. This information is more often than not written in a clearly structured format that makes it easy to locate the information. The language is typically complex and objective thus helping focussing more on concepts rather than actions. A report is written when you need to carry out a practical investigation and report on your findings. In general, a report is:

  • A way of conveying the findings of research
  • A way of making recommendations based on research
  • Used in business, science, government, and engineering
  • A simulation of a real life situation
  • aimed towards a practical purpose

So what makes a good report?

Reports are used as forms of written assessment to find out what students have learned from a certain research or reading. For a report to be effective it has to presents and analyses all its facts and evidences presented that are relevant to the issue it is addressing. The nature of a repost is very formal and impersonal. The formal nature is achieved by avoiding contractions and slang in the writing. This is also achieved through using words and phrases that are only specific to the discipline. This language structure makes it easy to pack more information into a very small space. To make it less personal, passive voice is used. The passive voice foregrounds what has been done instead of who did it thus making it even less personal. A report demonstrates your ability to:

  • Understand and adhere to the purpose of the report brief
  • Collect, evaluate, and analyse the relevant information
  • Structure the information in a logical and sound manner
  • Present the report in accordance with the instructions of the report brief
  • Make effective analysis and conclusions that are relevant to the evidence in the report
  • Make practical and sensible recommendations on request

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